Musik 1.9

In version 1.9 of Musik, I wanted to optimize the theme to make it faster. I also wanted to make the theme more accessible.

-It is always a bit scary to update old themes, because I do not want to break any child themes or existing sites.

For those who are using a child theme together with Musik, note that the markup for the header and the main navigation has been updated. The code for the header image has also been moved from index.php to header.php.

  • Updated readme.txt file. Updated outdated links. Improved documentation.
  • Reduced background image size and file size.
  • Fixed a problem with the select list text color.
  • Updated navigation.js so that jQuery is no longer needed.
  • Moved WooCommerce styles to a separate file and made sure the file only loads if WooCommerce is active.
  • Added support for header video (requires WordPress 4.7 or later).
  • Added a social menu, and options to select where to display it.
  • Added a skip link focus fix for IE11.
  • Added rtl styles.
  • Improved comment area styles for smaller screens.
  • Added styles and fonts for the block editor so that the editor better matches the front.
  • Updated author.php using get_the_author_meta.
  • Changes to better comply with accessibility requirements:
    • Added underline to content links.
    • Increased color contrast, some font sizes and line heights.
    • Reduced the number of colors used.
    • Made sure that there is one H1 heading on all pages, and that heading levels are not skipped.