Cherish 1.5

Version 1.5 contains some bug fixes that I missed in the latest major update. When I added the font family option, I forgot to also add the font names to the block editor and the WooCommerce pages. *blush*

There was also a bug where the larger menu covered the page titles of the 404 page and author archive. This has been fixed in 1.5.

I created a new setup help page for the theme:

== Changelog ==

=1.5 2019-01-11=

  • Code style changes to better comply with WordPress coding standards.
  • Improved escaping.
  • Added a setup help page.
  • Added a social menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the titles did not show for author archives and 404 pages.
  • Increased the size of the avatar on the author archive.
  • Fixed an issue where the editor would not show the correct font for the title.
  • Fixed an issue where hiding the site title would also hide the Call to Action.
  • Changed the description of the widget areas, since they are shown on all pages, not only the frontpage, oops :P.
  • Changes related to WooCommerce:
    • Increased color contrasts, increased the size of some input fields and font sizes, added underlines to some links to improve accessibility.
    • Adjusted the width of the product page.
    • Changed the number of products per row from 4 to 3.
    • Fixed a problem where the selected font did not display correctly on shop and product pages.